With centuries old expertise

The food of Restaurant Istanbul Oriental comes from where the east meets the west: from aroma of spices,
garlic, yogurt and goat cheese, fresh ingredients and centuries old cooking expertise.

Istanbul´s cozy cabinets will fit both for celebrations full of feeling and for more official meetings. Explore Topkap, Bodrum, Divan and of course the Salon-cabinet which also has a sauna in it.

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Istanbul, a Turkish restaurant established in 1993, has street level dining and a picturesque patio where one can enjoy a fresh breeze. Located on Rotuaari Street in the centre of Oulu, Istanbul provides a Turkish dining experience.

In addition to recognition from our loyal customers, the restaurant has received numerous awards. Bahri Karagümüs received the rank of “Les Rôtisseurs” in 2002 and in 2003, the restaurant received the “Chaine des Rotisseurs” shield. Istanbul was also recognized as Finland´s cleanest restaurant  in 2007.


Welcome to enjoy the best recipes of Istanbul and Ankara area and Mediterranean landscapes. The dishes of our restaurant are cooked with exceptional skills and grilled on a genuine charcoal grate.


Istanbul´s cozy cabinets will fit both for celebrations full of feelings and for more official meetings. Cabins are also equiped with modern technological devices.


Tuesdays – Fridays 17 – 23

Saturdays 15 – 24


Kauppurienkatu 11 L
90100 OULU

Reservations and inquiries

You can reserve a table in the restaurant via Internet 3 days beforehand. We will contact you in the way you prefer and confirm your reservation.

Reservations for the same day only by phone.

Phone +358 8 3112 922

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