Vuosisataisella taidolla

With centuries old expertise

The food of Restaurant Istanbul Oriental comes from where the east meets the west: from aroma of spices,
garlic, yogurt and goat cheese, fresh ingredients and centuries old cooking expertise.


Elämysiltojen salat

Secrets of the Special Nights

On Special Nights you can participate in culinary atmosphere in a unique way. In addition to enjoying your food, you and your company have also the privilege of cooking and exploring the secrets of the Turkish kitchen yourself.

Special nights

Tilaa erilaisille tilaisuuksille

Room for a variety of events

Istanbul´s cozy cabinets will fit both for celebrations full of feeling and for more official meetings. Explore Topkap, Bodrum, Divan and of course the Salon-cabinet which also has a sauna in it.



Genuine and awarded

By Turkish tradition the host is responsible for everything in the kitchen and in the dining room. This is also how Bahri Karagumus works. You are welcome to enjoy memorable moments!



Tuesdays – Fridays 17 – 23
Saturdays 15 – 24

Restaurant closed 19.-25.5.2018

Restaurant Istanbul Oriental

Kauppurienkatu 11 L
90100 OULU

Reservations and Inquiries

Phone +358 8 3112 922
Fax +358 8 372 290

You can reserve a table in the restaurant via Internet 3 days beforehand. We will contact you in the way you prefer and confirm your reservation.
Cabinet reservations can be done by phone, no. +358 8 3112 922